OpenSHMEM 2014



Andreas : Towards Parallel Performance Analysis Tools for the OpenSHMEM Standard - 1.5M

Baker : Hybrid Programming with OpenSHMEM - 426K

Becker : NVIDIA Compute Devices or The GPGPU Memory Mode - 2.0M

Benner and Jea : OpenSHMEM Implementation over the Parallel Active Messaging Interface (PAMI) - 1.7M

Bryant : Benchmarking Parallel Performance on Many-Core Processors - 4.4M

Dinan : Reducing Synchronization Overhead Through Bundled Communication - 778K

Gabriel : Parallel I/O for OpenSHMEM - 744K

Gorentla : OpenSHMEM Extensions and a Vision for its Future Direction - 1.9M

Graham : InfiniBand Meets OpenSHMEM - 2.1M

Hammond : OpenSHMEM over MPI-3 One-sided Communication - 592K

Herault : Universal Common Communication Substrate - 3.7M

Jana : Analyzing the Energy and Power Consumption of Remote Memory Accesses in the OpenSHMEM Model - 4.1M

Jose : A Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of OpenSHMEM Libraries on InfiniBand Clusters - 1.8M

Linford and Simon : Profiling Non-Numeric OpenSHMEM Applications with the Tau Performance System - 4.1M

Mintz : A Global View Programming Abstraction for Transitioning MPI Codes to PGAS Languages - 1.0M

Lothian : OpenSHMEM-HIPATIA BoF - 720K

Pophale : Extending the OpenSHMEM Analyzer to Perform Synchronization and Multi-Valued Analysis - 1.4M

Raymond : Implementing Split-Mode Barriers in OpenSHMEM - 446K

Raymond : MPI + X (OpenSHMEM?) - 331K

Sarkar : Hybrid Programming Challenges For Extreme Scale Software - 31M

Shamis : Designing a High Performance OpenSHMEM Implementation Using UCCS as a Communication Middleware - 2.5M

Shamis : Universal Common Communication Substrate - 2.7M

ten Bruggencate : Cray SHMEM Update - 115K

Underwood : OpenSHMEM on Portals - 174K



Forrington : Debugging OpenSHMEM Applications with DDT - 251K

How to add OpenACC in an OpenSHMEM application? - 7.3M

Welch, Pophale, and Curtis : OpenSHMEM Tutorial - 4.5M

Shende : TAU Performance System OpenSHMEM Tools Tutorial - 11M

OpenSHMEM Tools Eco-system - 599K

Winkler : Performance Analysis with Vampir - 8.6M

Barak : Verbs Programming Tutorial - 739K



OpenSHMEM Workshop Program - 16M

OpenSHMEM Application Programming Interface - 848K