Meeting Theme

The driving force behind the SciDAC initiative is science. One of SciDACís principal goals has been to assemble interdisciplinary teams and collaboratories to develop the necessary state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms and software, supported by appropriate hardware and middleware infrastructure, to use terascale computers effectively to advance fundamental research in the science that is central to the DOE mission. Each year, key participants from all SciDAC projects meet to discuss problems and progress of mutual interest. This is a singular opportunity for scientists across a multitude of disciplines to interact with mathematicians and computer scientists, all with the common goal of advancing science. Through two and a half days of oral presentations, poster sessions, and networking opportunities, participants will be treated to an overview of state-of-the-art scientific research in U.S. computational science and engineering.

Guidelines for PIs

The following questions serve as a guide for each PI who participates in the meeting.

  1. What has your SciDAC project accomplished that has enabled scientists to realize better the potential of terascale computing?
  2. How is the SciDAC team approach to science changing the way you conduct your research? How has the opportunity to be a part of the SciDAC initiative enabled you to accomplish things that might otherwise not have been possible?
  3. What specific algorithmic or software tools or technology are you now able to provide to scientists to enable them to advance their research through the use of terascale computing? Alternatively, what algorithms or software are you using from other SciDAC projects, especially the ISICs, that are helping to advance your research agenda?
  4. What are your plans for the future, both short-term and long-term? Are there significant scientific or infrastructural barriers to progress in your field?


February 6Overview papers due (two-pagers) - Template
February 27Registration completed on-line
February 27Hotel reservation cut-off

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