CS ISICs
  • Center for Component Technology for Terascale Simulation Software (word)
  • Building Component-Based Terascale Applications Using the CCA (word)
  • CCA Infrastructure and Enabling Technology (word)
  • The Performance Evaluation Research Center (PERC)(word)
  • PERC Collaborations with SciDAC Scientific Projects (word)
  • PERC Performance Modeling (word)
  • Tools for Performance Evaluation Research (word)
  • Scalable Systems Software for Terascale Computer Centers (word)
  • The Scientific Data Management Center (word)
      Math ISICs
  • The Applied Partial Differential Equations Center (APDEC): an Integrated Software Infrastructure Center for Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement (all in word)
    Overview | Software Development | Turbulent Combustion
  • Overview of TOPS – Terascale Optimal PDE Simulations (word)
  • TOPS’ Sparse Direct Solver for Ill-Conditioned Systems (word)
  • TOPS Scalable Eigensolvers for Accelerator Design and Thermochemistry (word)
  • TOPS Scalable Solvers for Complex Field Simulations (word)
  • TOPS Software for Optimization of Simulated Systems (word)
  • Performance Optimization of Sparse Kernels in TOPS (word)
  • External Impact of TOPS Scalable Solver Software (word)
  • The Terascale Simulation Tools and Technology Center (word)
  • Discretization Tools for Terascale Computational Science from the Terascale Simulation Tools and Technology (TSTT) Center (word)
  • Developing Interoperable Meshing and Discretization Technologies in the Terascale Simulation Tools and Technology (TSTT) Center (word)
  • Mesh Generation and Adaptivity Tools from the Terascale Simulation Tools and Technology (TSTT) Center (word)
  • Bandwidth Estimation and Its Applications (word)
  • Bandwidth Estimation: Measurement Methodologies and Applications (word)
  • DataGrid Middleware: Enabling Big Science on Big Data (word)
  • The DOE Science Grid (word)
  • The Earth System Grid II: Turning Climate Model Datasets into Community Resources (word)
  • INCITE – Edge-based Traffic Processing and Inference for High-Performance Networks (word)
  • IQ-ECho: Interactive Quality of Service Across Heterogeneous Hardware (word)
  • Middleware Technology to Support Science Portals: a Gateway to the Grid (word)
  • National Fusion Collaboratory – “Advancing the Science of Fusion Research” (word)
  • Net100 –Developing Network-Aware Operating Systems (word)
  • Optimizing Performance and Enhancing Functionality of Distributed Applications using Logistical Networking (word)
  • The Particle Physics Data Grid Collaboratory Pilot: End-to-end Grid Systems for High Energy and Nuclear Physics Experiments (word)
  • Security and Policy for Group Collaboration (word)
  • Collaborative Design and Development of the Community Climate System Model for Tera-scale Computers (word)
  • Continuous Dynamic Grid Adaptation in a Global Atmospheric Model (word)
  • Decadal Regional Climate Studies and Applications with Variable-Resolution GCMs Using Advanced Numerical Techniques (word)
  • Development of an Atmospheric Climate Model with Self-Adapting Grid and Physics (word)
  • Global Adjustment in the Oceanic Circulation (word)
  • The Eddy-Driven Thermocline (word)
  • A Geodesic Climate Model with Quasi-Lagrangian Vertical Coordinates (word)
  • Improving the Processes of Land-Atmosphere Interaction in CCSM 2.0 at High Resolution (word)
  • Multi-Resolution Climate Modeling (word)
  • Modeling and Analysis of the Earth’s Hydrologic Cycle (word)
  • Modeling Dynamic Vegetation for Decadal to Century Climate Change Studies (word)
  • Predictive Understanding of the Oceans: Wind-Driven Circulation on Interdecadal Time Scales (word)
  • Towards the Prediction of Decadal to Multi-Century Processes in a High-Throughput Climate System Model (word)
  • Variable-Resolution Models for Regional Climate Studies (word)
  • A Vertical Structure Module for Isopycnal Ocean Circulation Models (word)
  • Advanced Software for the Calculation of Thermochemistry, Kinetics, and Dynamics and Theoretical Chemical Dynamics Studies for Elementary Combustion Reactions (word)
  • A Computational Facility for Reacting Flow Science (CFRFS) (word)
  • Development of New Scalable Multi-Reference Solutions for Electronic Structure, Dynamics, and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Complex Reaction Processes (word)
  • Linear Scaling Electronic Structure Methods with Periodic Boundary Conditions (word)
  • Multiresolution Quantum Chemistry – Guaranteed Precision and Speed (word)
  • New Coupled-Cluster Methods for Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces (word)
  • Next-Generation, Explicitly-Correlated Electronic Structure Methods (word)
  • Relativistic Quantum Chemistry Software (word)
  • Reliable Electronic Structure Calculations for Heavy Element Chemistry: Relativistic Pseudopotentionals for Application to Lanthanide and Actinide Systems (word)
  • Terascale High-Fidelity Simulations of Turbulent Combustion with Detailed Chemistry (word)
  • Center for Extended Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling (CEMM) (word)
  • Computational Atomic and Molecular Physics for Transport Modeling of Fusion Plasmas (word)
  • Magnetic Reconnection (word)
  • Wave-Plasma Interactions: Non-Maxwellian Distributions and High Resolution in 2-D and 3-D (word)

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