2004 SciDAC PI Meeting
March 22-24, Charleston, SC

Agenda (3/3/2004)

SciDAC PI Meeting Attendees
Attendees Word Document

Monday, March 22

8:00 Welcome/Opening Remarks
     Mike Strayer, SciDAC Director
8:10 Perspectives on SCiDAC
     Alan Laub, Outgoing SciDAC Director
8:30 System and Application Performance at Extreme-Scale
     Adolfy Hoisie (LANL)
9:15 The Grid: Essential Infrastructure for DOE Science (abstract)
     Ian Foster (ANL)
10:00 Break
10:30 The Math ISICs
Introduction: John van Rosendale (DOE/ASCR)
Algorithmic and Software Framework for Applied PDEs
     Phil Collela (LBNL)
Terascale Simulation Tools and Technologies
     Lori Freitag Diachin (LLNL)
Terascale Optimal PDE Simulations
     David Keyes (Columbia Univ.)
12:00 Buffet Lunch
1:00 The CS ISICs
Introduction: Fred Johnson (DOE/ASCR)
Performance Evaluation
     Pat Worley (ORNL)
Scientific Data Management
     Arie Shoshani (LBL)
Scalable Systems Software
     Rusty Lusk (ANL)
Component Technology for Terascale Simulation Software
     David Bernholdt (ORNL)
3:00 Break (and poster session preparation)
3:30 Poster Session (Applications)
5:30Adjourn for the day

Tuesday, March 23

8:30 HEP Applications
Introduction: Irwin Gaines (Fermilab and DOE/HEP)
Advanced Computing for 21st Century Accelerator Science
     Kwok Ko (SLAC) / Rob Ryne (LBNL)
Center for Supernova Research
     Adam Burrows (Univ. of Arizona)
9:30 NP Applications
Introduction: Sidney Coon (DOE/NP)
Terascale Supernova Initiative
     Tony Mezzacappa (ORNL)
Lattice QCD from the Nuclear Physics Perspective
     John Negele (MIT)
10:30 Break
11:00 FES Applications
Introduction: Steve Eckstrand (DOE/FES)
Magnetic Reconnection: Applications to Fusion, Space, and Astrophysical Plasmas
     Amitava Bhattacharjee (Univ. of New Hampshire)
Computational Atomic and Molecular Physics for Transport Diagnostics of Fusion Plasmas
     Mitch Pindzola (Auburn Univ.)
Modeling of RF Wave Propagation in Plasmas
     Lee Berry (ORNL)
12:00 Box lunches provided (there is a pleasant park just across the street)
1:30 BER Applications
Introduction: Jeff Amthor (DOE/BER)
Development of an Atmospheric Climate Model with Self-Adapting Grid and Physics
     Michael Herzog (Univ. of Michigan)
Collaborative Design and Development of the Community Climate System Model for Terascale Computers
     Phil Jones (LANL)
2:30 BES Applications
Introduction: Richard Hilderbrandt (DOE/BES)
Direct Simulations of Flow-Combustion Interactions
     Arnaud C. Trouvé (Univ. of Maryland)
Advanced Methods for Electronic Structure
     Robert J. Harrison (ORNL)
3:30 Break (and poster session preparation)
4:00 Poster Session (ISICs and Collaboratories)
5:30Adjourn for the day

Wednesday, March 24

8:30 Collaboratories, Networks, Middleware
Introduction: Mary Anne Scott (DOE/ASCR)
National Fusion Collaboratory
     David Schissel (General Atomics)
DOE Science Grid
     William T.C. Kramer (LBNL)
Networking Research Overview
     Micah Beck (Univ. of Tennessee)
10:00 Break
10:30 Panel Discussion (Topic: Is SciDAC changing the culture of computation and simulation in science or is it “business as usual”?)
 SciDAC: Business as Usual? Perspectives from the TeraScale Supernova Initiative
     Anthony Mezzacappa
11:30 Wrap-up and Concluding Remarks
     Alan Laub and Michael Strayer
12:00 Meeting adjourns
SciDAC PI Meeting Attendees
Attendees Word Document

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