\ 2004 DOE SciDAC PI Meeting

Call for Posters

In addition to your printed (hard copy) poster to be displayed at the meeting, we would like to make your poster available on this website. We will be glad to receive your electronic file by email or on a cd. Please submit to
Debbie McCoy
Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P. O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6163
(865) 574-6185 Fax: (865) 574-4839

Accepted Posters

Please note that maximum poster size is 48 x 48.

48 x 48 white foam core board and clips to attach the poster will be available. Easels on which to sit the foam core backing/attached poster will be rented from the hotel. Poster exhibitors are asked to unroll their posters upon arrival to allow them to flatten. Posters can be attached to the foam core on Monday after the session adjourns or on Tuesday before 8:00 a.m.

Electronic versions of posters should be sent to mccoydd@ornl.gov no later than February 27. If the file is too large to send email, then please use the ORNL file upload system at: http://home.ornl.gov/~ncsgroup/fileupload.shtml

List of Posters Alphabetical by First Author

List of Posters Alphabetical by Title

  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement MHD for Magnetic Fusion Applications (ppt) Authors: Ravi Samtaney (PPPL), Stephen C. Jardin (PPPL), Phillip Colella (LBL), Daniel F. Martin (LBL), and Terry J. Ligocki (LBL)
  • Advanced Software for the Calculation of Thermochemistry, Kinetics, and Dynamics (ppt), Stephen Gray, Ron Shepard, Al Wagner, Mike Minkoff
  • Advanced methods for electronic structure, Robert J. Harrison, George I. Fann
  • Center for Magnetic Reconnection Studies, Amitava Bhattacharjee
  • CHEETAH: Circuit-switched High-speed End-to-End Transport Architecture (pdf), Wu-chun Feng
  • Collaboratory for Multi-scale Chemical Science (ppt), Thomas C. Allison, Sandra Bittner, Brett Didier, Michael Frenklach, William H. Green, Jr., Darrian Hale, Mihael F. Hategan-Marandiuc, Carina Lansing, Gregor von Laszewski, David Leahy, James D. Myers, Michael Minkoff, David Montoya, Luwi Oluwole, Carmen Pancerella, Reinhardt Pinzon, William Pitz, Larry Rahn, Jane Riese, Branko Ruscic, Karen Schuchardt, Albert F. Wagner, Theresa Windus, Christine Yang, and Ginger Young
  • Columbus Program System for Molecular Electronic Structure: Relativistic Quantum Chemistry Capabilities (ppt), Russell M. Pitzer
  • The Coming Crisis in Computational Science (ppt) associated paper: (pdf), Douglass Post
  • Commodity Grid Kits (ppt), Gregor von Laszewski, Keith Jackson
  • Computational Atomic and Molecular Physics for Transport Modeling of Fusion Plasmas (pdf), M.S. Pindzola, F.J. Robicheaux, J.P. Colgan, S.D. Loch, J. Ludlow, D.R. Schultz, T. Minami, J.T. Hogan, D.C. Griffin, C.P. Ballance, T. Evans, N.R. Badnell, H.P. Summers, A.D. Whiteford, B.M. McLaughlin, P.G. Burke, K.A. Berrington
  • A Computational Facility for Reacting Flow Science (ppt), Habib Najm
  • Continuous Dynamic Grid Adaptation in a Global Atmospheric Model (ppt | word), J.M. Prusa, W.J. Gutowski
  • DataGrid Middleware: Enabling Big Science on Big Data (ppt), Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Miron Livny
  • A dynamic global vegetation model for coupling with atmospheric GCM's: Integrating processes of biophysics, biogeochemistry, and ecology for global change, Nancy Y. Kiang, Andrew D. Friend, Igor Aleinov
  • The eddy-driven thermocline (pdf), Paola Cessi, Maurizio Fantini
  • Electromagnetic gyrokinetics and plasma turbulence: numerical methods and optimizations in GYRO (pdf), J. Candy, R.E. Waltz and M. Fahey
  • Electromagnetic Systems Simulation I: Code Development and Accelerator Applications, Kwok Ko
  • Electromagnetic Systems Simulation II: Collaborations in Computational Science, Kwok Ko
  • Enabling Large-Scale Science on the DOE Science Grid (pdf), Bill Kramer, Jen Schopf
  • A Geodesic Climate Model with Quasi-Lagrangian Vertical Coordinates, Todd Ringler
  • INCITE: Edge-based Traffic Processing & Service Inference for High-Performance Networks (ppt), Richard Baraniuk, Les Cottrell, Wu-chun Feng
  • Integration of ODEs and DAEs, David Keyes
  • MAGNET+MUSE: Software Oscilloscope for Clusters and Grids (pdf), Wu-chun Feng (The above poster is in support for the joint DOE SciDAC project entitled "INCITE" with PI: Baraniuk from Rice U.)
  • Middleware Technology to Support Science Portals: A Gateway to the Grid (pdf), Dennis Gannon, Randal Bramley, Beth Plale
  • Modeling and Analysis of the Earth's Hydrologic Cycle (ppt), Donald R. Johnson, Tom H. Zopotocny, Todd K. Schaack, Allen J. Lenzen
  • Modeling dynamic vegetation for decadal to century climate change studies (pdf), Nancy Y. Kiang, Andrew D. Friend, Paul Moorcroft, Wenge Ni-Meister, Igor Aleinov
  • National Computational Infrastructure for Lattice Gauge Theory, John Negele
  • National Fusion Collaboratory Project (pdf), David P. Schissel
  • New Single- and Multi-Reference Coupled-Cluster Methods For High Accuracy Calculations of Ground and Excited States, Piotr Piecuch
  • An Overview of High-Performance Networking & Computing at LANL (pdf), Wu-chun Feng
  • Particle Physics Data Grid -- From Fabric to Physics (pdf), Richard Mount, Miron Livny, Harvey Newman, Ruth Pordes, et al
  • PERC Performance Science and Engineering (ppt), David Bailey, Erich Strohmaier, Jack Dongarra, Paul Hovland, Boyana Norris, Dan Reed, Dan Quinlan, Bronis de Supinski, Jeff Hollingsworth, Patrick Worley, Jeffrey Vetter, Allan Snavely
  • Reliable Electronic Structure Calculations for Heavy Element Chemistry: Relativistic Pseudopotentionals for Applications to Lanthanide and Actinide Systems (doc), Walter C. Ermler, Maria M. Marino
  • Scalable Direct Methods, David Keyes
  • Scalable Eigensolvers, David Keyes
  • Scalable Solvers, David Keyes
  • Scalable Systems Software: First Public Release, Stephen L. Scott
  • Scientific Annotation Middleware (pdf), James Myers, Tara Talbott, Michael Peterson, Alan Chappell, Carina Lansing, Al Geist, Jens Schwidder
  • SDM Center's Data Mining & Analysis (ppt), J. Wu, A. Shoshani, C.Kamath, E. Cantu-Paz, I. Fodor, N.F. Samatova, G. Kora, I. Watkins, D. Bauer, P. Chandramohan, S. Yoginath, G. Ostrouchov
  • SDM Center's Scientific Workflow Environment (ppt), I. Altintas, S. Bhagwanani, D. Buttler, S. Chandra, Z. Cheng, M. Coleman, D. Colonnese, T. Critchlow, A. Gupta, W. Han, L. Liu, B. Ludascher, C. Pu, R. Moore, A. Shoshani, M. Vouk
  • Security and Policy for Group Collaboration (ppt), Steve Tuecke, Carl Kesselman, Miron Livny
  • Simulation-based Optimization, David Keyes
  • Simulation of Turbulent Premixed Combustion (pdf), John Bell, Marcus Day
  • A Spectral Element Atmospheric Model for Multi-Resolution Climate Modeling (pdf), Houjun Wang, Joe Tribbia, Ferdinard Baer, Aime Fournier, Mark Taylor
  • Terascale Supernova Initiative (jpg), Antony Mezzacappa
  • TeraScale Supernova Initiative: Science and Science-Enabling Accomplishments (jpg), Antony Mezzacappa
  • Theoretical Chemical Dynamics Studies for Elementary Combustion Reactions (ppt), Donald Thompson, Gia Maisuradze, Akio Kawano, Yin Guo,
  • TOPS Project Overview, David Keyes
  • TSTT poster 1, David L. Brown
  • TSTT poster 2, David L. Brown
  • Tuning for Hardware Performance, David Keyes
  • Tuning for Algorithmic Performance, David Keyes
  • Variable-Resolution Models for Regional Climate Studies: International Stretched-Grid Model Intercomparison Project (SGMIP) (ppt), Michael Fox-Rabinovitz, Jean Cote, Bernard Dugas, Michel Deque, John McGregor

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