ORNL is developing user interfaces for assisting in the system management of PC clusters. C3 is a command line interface that may also be called within programs. C2G provides a Python/TK based GUI, that among other features, may invoke the C3 tools. The Cluster Command and Control (C3) tool suite was developed for use in operating the HighTORC Linux cluster at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This suite implements a number of command line based tools that have been shown to increase system manager scalability by reducing time and effort to operate and manage the cluster.

The current release, v4.x, is multi­threaded and designed to improve the scalability of the C3 suite to larger clusters. C3 v4.x also has the ability to administrate multiple clusters from the command line. The combination of the C2G interface and the C3 tools is a start to an end-to-end solution for the system administration and user administration tasks on a cluster. V4.x also has a scalable mode that greatly decreases execution time for large clusters

NOTE: There were CLI changes from v2.6, v2.7 and now v3.0. Both v2.6 and v2.7 are supplied for historical purposes only and should no longer be used in production systems. There are major CLI changes in v3.0, partially to accommodate execution on multiple clusters. V4.0 only has additions.

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For user questions and information about releases, email/subscribe to: c3-users
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