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c3     Cluster Command & Control (C3) Overview
c3.conf     The default cluster definition file and its format.
c3-range     How to use and specify ranges on the command line in C3.
c3-scale     How to use C3's scalable execution model.
cexec(s)     A utility that executes a given command string on each node of a cluster.
cget     A utility that retrieves a specified file from each node of a cluster and places it into the specified target directory.
ckill     A utility the runs 'kill' on each node of a cluster for a specified process name.
clist     A utility that lists the names and types of clusters in the cluster configuration file.
cnum     A utility that returns the node names specified by the range specified on the command line.
cname     A utility that returns the node positions specified by the node name given on the command line.
cpush     A utility to push files from the local machine to the nodes in your cluster.
cpushimage     A utility to push drive images created by SystemImager from a server to the cluster nodes.
crm     A utility that deletes files from each cluster node.
cshutdown     A utility that runs shutdown on each cluster node.

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