Cluster Command & Control (C3) tool suite includes:
  1. cpushimage - push disk image across cluster
  2. cpush - push a file across cluster
  3. crm - delete files or directories across cluster
  4. cget - get a file across cluster
  5. cshutdown - shutdown command for cluster nodes
  6. ckill - kill process across cluster
  7. cexec[s] - execute any command on each cluster node
  8. clist - lists name and type of all clusters in the cluster configuration file
  9. cname - returns a node position from a node name
  10. cnum - returns a node name from a node position
NOTE: The server RPM is for the head node of the cluster and any machine that C3 will be executed from. The client RPM is used on the compute nodes or target machines. The profile Ram's are for systems, such as RedHat, that use /etc/profile.d scripts to set environment variables.

NOTE: If upgrading from C3-3.1's RPM (used in OSCAR 1.3) to a newer version do not use the -U option as this breaks things. First uninstall C3 and install the newer versions RPM. C3 RPM's from 3.1.1 and above do not have this problem.

NOTE: If downloading Version 4.x for use in the scalable execution model then only the full install RPM is needed. This must be installed on each node of the cluster. You may still use the non-scalable execution environment with this install method, there will just be unused software on the compute nodes.

Network Installation of C3

To install C3 using tools like APT and YUM, see: C3 Network Installs

Version Released   Download   Notes
C3 v5.1.3 (22-Mar-2013)   [tar.gz] [rpm] [deb] [network-installs]   [changelog]
C3 v5.1.2 (15-Feb-2011)   [tar.gz] [rpm] [deb] [network-installs]   [changelog]
C3 v5.1.2~b1 (10-Feb-2011)   [tar.gz] [rpm] [deb] [network-installs]   [changelog]
C3 v5.1.1 (10-Feb-2011)   [tar.gz] [rpm] [deb] [network-installs]   [changelog]
C3 v5.1.0 (07-Feb-2011)   [tar.gz] [rpm] [deb] [network-installs]   [changelog]
C3 v4.0.1 (15-Jul-03)   [tar.gz] [full install rpm] [client rpm] [profile rpm]   [notes]
C3 v4.0 (0o-xxx-03)   [tar.gz] [full install rpm] [client rpm] [profile rpm]   [notes]
C3 v3.1.2 (0o-xxx-02)   [tar.gz] [server rpm] [client rpm] [profile rpm]   [notes]
C3 v3.1.1 (00-xxx-02)   [tar.gz] [server rpm] [client rpm] [profile rpm]   [notes]
C3 v3.1 (15-Aug-01)   [tar.gz] [server rpm] [client rpm] [profile rpm]   [notes]
C3 v3.0 (15-Aug-01)   [tar.gz] [rpm]   [notes]
C3 v2.7.2 (26-Jun-01)   [tar.gz] [rpm]   [notes]
C3 v2.7.1 (17-May-01)   [tar.gz]   [notes]
C3 v2.7 (30-Mar-01)   [tar.gz]   [notes]
C3 v2.6 (xx-xxx-01)   [tar.gz]  
C3 v2.5 (internal)     [notes]
C3 v2.0 (internal)     [notes]
C3 v1.0 (internal)     [notes]
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