March 2005 CSIIR Workshop Presentations  
Nagi Rao (ORNL/CSMD) Infrastructure and Protocols for Dedicated Bandwidth Channels
Prof.Ali Mili (N.J. Institute of Tech./CS) An Integrated Approach to Security Management
Prof. Dennis Kafura (Virginia Tech./CS) Policy Delegation and Dynamic Policy for Authorization in Pervasive Cyber Infrastructures
Prof. Seong-Moo Yoo (Univ. of AL Huntsville/CSE) Case Based Reasoning Approach to Intrusion Detection
Prof. Che Hao (Univ. of TX at Arlington/CSE) Detection and Containment: Algorithms and High Speed Dynamic Filtering
Prof. John McGregor (Clemson Univ./CS) Techniques for Validating the Security Quality Attributes of Infrastructure Software
Professor Arazi (Univ. of Kentucky/CS) Wireless Sensor Networks Security
Dr. R. Abercrombie and R. Walker (CSED/ CSIIR) DoD/DHS Infrastructure Applications
Dr. Johann Schumann (NASA/Ames) Design Tools for Reliable Secure Communication Software
Prof. Jung-Min Park (Virginia Tech./ECE) Defending Against Denial-of-Service Attacks in Wired and Wireless Networks
Arjun Shankar (ORNL/CSED) Fusing Intrusion Data for Pro-Active Containment
Prof. Stacy Prowell (Univ. of TN/CS and SEI) Automated Program Behavior Analysis
Prof. Mike Langston (Univ. of TN/CS) Trusted Computing Amidst Untrustworthy Intermediaries