OpenSHMEM 2015: Second workshop on OpenSHMEM and Related Technologies.

"OpenSHMEM for PGAS Programming in the Exascale Era"
August 4-6, 2015

Deadline for hotel registration (group rate): July 17, 2015

The OpenSHMEM workshop is an annual event dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the OpenSHMEM programming interface and to helping shape its future direction. It is the premier venue to discuss and present the latest developments, implementation technologies, tools, trends, recent research ideas and results related to OpenSHMEM. This year's workshop will explore the ongoing evolution of OpenSHMEM as a next generation PGAS programming model to address the needs of exascale applications. The focus will be on future extensions to improve OpenSHMEM on current and upcoming architectures. Although, this is an OpenSHMEM specific workshop, we welcome ideas used for other PGAS languages/APIs that may be applicable to OpenSHMEM.

Topics of interest for paper and poster submissions include (but are not limited to) the
following areas as they relate specifically to OpenSHMEM:

  • Big data and I/O support
  • Extensions to support nonvolatile, highbandwidth, and other types of memory
  • Scalable massive multithreading support
  • Experiences with applications from any domain, especially dynamic and irregular
  • Extensions to the current specification, including faulttolerance
  • Hybrid programming models: OpenSHMEM combined with taskbased
    models (e.g. OCR, HPX, ParSEC, etc.) or heterogeneous models (e.g. OpenCL, OpenACC, CUDA, OpenMP, etc.)
  • Lowlevel communication layers to support OpenSHMEM or other PGAS languages/APIs and experiences implementing OpenSHMEM on new architectures
  • Power / energy studies
  • Static analysis, and verification tools
  • Performance analysis tools for OpenSHMEM and/or other PGAS languages/APIs.
  • Autotuning or optimization strategies
  • Runtime environments and schedulers
  • Benchmarks, performance evaluation, and validation suites

The workshop will be held at the Historic Inn's Governor Calvert House Ballroom and Atrium located at 58 State Cir, Annapolis, MD 21401