Thomas E. Potok, Ph.D.
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Open Source Intelligence Analysis

In VIPAR, intelligent software agents have been successfully developed to address challenges facing the military and intelligence community in quickly gathering and organizing massive amounts of information then distill that information into a form directly and explicitly amenable for use by an analyst.  VIPAR has been successfully deployed for the US Pacific Command and the US Sixth Fleet. This system leverages an analyst’s expertise to process and distill information orders of magnitude faster and more thoroughly than could be done by the analysts themselves.

Can increase the capability of an analyst by 10 fold

Leverage the analyst’s intellectual capacity for more precise decision support

US Pacific Command’s CINC

  • “A tremendously successful project”
  • “Software agents … lead to substantially improved analytical products.”

US Pacific Command’s Science and Technology Advisor

  • “a grand slam home run!”
  • “first time we've seen information discovery and knowledge management software working at HQ USCINCPAC operationally.”