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Key Projects

I2IA: Image to Intelligence Archive - Using software agents to scan image data (remote sensing data) for specific features.

Counterintelligence Penetration Hazard Evaluation and Recognition (CIPHER) - Network intrusion detection research. CIPHER filters 1M questionable network transactions per day, allowing for rapid detection of counterintelligence activity.

Future Combat System Agent White Paper - DARPA funded survey paper on the suitability of agent technology for command and control of FCS.

Scientific Data Management (SDM) - Using agent technology to solve the challenges of massive scientific data. We have currently demonstrated over 1000 agents processing and rendering a very large astrophysics simulation.

Virtual Information Process Research Agent (VIPAR) - to develop intelligent agents which comb the internet intelligently, develop appropriate XML formats for insertion in the captured data, organize the data into information clusters, and lastly organize the clusters into “knowledge bins” for use by the VIC staff in decision making

Collaborative Management Environment (CME) DOE SIM- to create an environment to financially manage and analyze research funding across the National Laboratory Complex. CME aims to provide an order of magnitude increase in the efficiency of the proposal submission process across DOE. This project has been developed by three researchers using Java and XML to create an information management system.

Manufacturing Agent-based Emulation System (MABES) - is an agent based lean manufacturing system that allows what-if modeling of manufacturing cells. This system is currently deployed at Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems. This system was developed by two researchers, and two programmers using tcl/tk, Java, Clips, and XML.

Supplier Utilization through Responsive Grouped Enterprises (SURGE) - is an agent based manufacturing system that groups aircraft parts into families so that efficiencies can be gained. This system is being developed for the Defense Logistics Administration. This system has been developed by two researchers, and six programmers using Java, Corba, SQL Server on Windows and Unix platforms.

Object-Oriented Productivity - to develop an empirical understanding of the effects of the object-oriented methodology on the development of software.


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Dr. Thomas E. Potok
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