Call For Presentations
CSIIRW06: Cyber Security and Information Infrastructure Research Workshop May 10-11, 2006 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Proceedings available here
Cyber Security: Beyond the Maginot Line (Click here to read Wulf's dated yet still timely presentation before the US House Science Committee)
Recently the FBI reported that computer crime has skyrocketed costing over $67 billion in 2005 alone and affecting 2.8M+ businesses and organizations. Consider this chart describing attack sophistication (published by CERT). Private, academic, and public sectors invest significant resources in cyber security.  Industry primarily performs cyber security research as an investment in future products and services.  While the public sector also funds cyber security R&D, the majority of this activity focuses on the specific mission(s) of the funding agency. Thus, broad areas of cyber security remain neglected or underdeveloped. Consequently, this workshop endeavors to explore issues involving cyber security and related technologies toward strengthening such areas and enabling the development of new tools and methods for securing our information infrastructure critical assets. We seek ideas and proposals about robust models on which we can build the architecture of a secure cyberspace including but not limited to:
  • Knowledge discovery and management
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Deobfuscating tools for the validation and verification of tamper-proofed software
  • Computer network defense technologies
  • Scalable information assurance strategies
  • Assessment-driven design for trust
  • Security metrics and testing methodologies
  • Validation of security and survivability properties
  • Threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Early accurate detection of the insider threat
  • Security hardened sensor networks and ubiquitous computing environments
  • Mobile software authentication protocols
  • A new "model" of the threat to replace the "Maginot Line" model and more . . .

Planned Workshop Highlights
Final program and agenda
Published proceedings
Keynote Tom Longstaff, CERT Deputy Dir. for Technology in the Networked Systems Survivability Program at SEI
Keynote Kimberly Rasar, Acting Sr. Information Mgmt Exec for the DOE Office of Science.
Breakout sessions aim to assemble future directions in cyber security management
Workshop to conclude with a panel session discussing gaps, future directions and funding priorities

Last Year's Workshop Theme, Program and Presentations

Important Dates in 2006

March 31 (extended until Apr. 10 or longer with permission) – Abstracts submitted for guidance and indication of appropriate content.
April 14 – Distribution of advanced program.
May 10-11 – Workshop presentations
May 12 – SNS Tour and 2007 Workshop planning meeting

Frederick T. Sheldon and Joseph P.Trien
Cyber Security and Information Infrastructure Research Group
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Professor Ali Mili

College of Computing Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Network System Surviveability, Software Engineering Institute

Instructions for Participants
1. Contact one of the workshop Chairs in advance for specific questions and/or instructions.
2. Submit an electronic version of a one-to-two page abstract.
3. You will be contacted by one of the workshop Chairs to discuss your participation.
4. Presentations should be geared for a 35-40 minute period including questions.
5. Presentations will be made available to all attendees unless otherwise specified.
6. A limited number of stipends are available to support subsequent collaboration with ORNL researchers.
Part of the Higher Education Research Experience Faculty Fellowship program

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Sponsored by the Computational Science and Engineering Division
Venue and Accomodations
A block of rooms will be reserved at government rates at the DoubleTree in Oak Ridge. Check here for more ORNL specific visitor information and maps. Tour of the $1.3Billion Spallation Neutron Source Complex has been canceled.

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