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 (06-Oct-2005) 1.2b1
               - First testing release for v1.2, based on oscar-4.1 (should be close)

 (08-Jul-2005) 1.1
               - Second release of SSS-OSCAR -- Downloads hosted at project page,

 (27-Jun-2005) 1.1b3
               - Looks like this will be final, just needs a sanity check

 (14-Jun-2005) 1.1b2
               - 2nd testing release for v1.1, minor bugfixes/updates

 (28-Mar-2005) 1.1b1 
               - First testing release for v1.1 (still based upon OSCAR-3.0)

 (09-Nov-2004) 1.0
               - Initial release of SSS-OSCAR