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[   ]sss-oscar-1.0b1-v3.0..>2004-11-09 11:25 290M 
[   ]sss-oscar-1.0b2-v3.0..>2004-11-09 11:27 290M 
[   ]sss-oscar-1.0b3-v3.0..>2004-11-09 11:30 290M 
[   ]sss-oscar-1.0b5-v3.0..>2004-11-09 11:32 290M 

 a2759cbe06fb66669ab55ebfe7643023  sss-oscar-1.0b4-v3.0.tar.gz
 fff8aa2a956a17b4ebab724946841a80  sss-oscar-1.0b3-v3.0.tar.gz
 70eeba9325420790943725e74f33cbfc  sss-oscar-1.0b2-v3.0.tar.gz
 7e4952ca8e7a3933818577b5ab58230d  sss-oscar-1.0b1-v3.0.tar.gz

 bcf36f25beae39a38054a2d4910f6b250362300c  sss-oscar-1.0b4-v3.0.tar.gz
 531d0d4dbd95faafd317d46bfb5eafde5777f981  sss-oscar-1.0b3-v3.0.tar.gz
 699b23f749875ac9d05551e2addda9b496b45181  sss-oscar-1.0b2-v3.0.tar.gz
 3762f8e9e1c28ac9f3b22d755917d0e1551da2d5  sss-oscar-1.0b1-v3.0.tar.gz

 (08-Nov-2004) 1.0b5
               - Had a typo in post_install ... fixed in final 1.0 release, coming soon!

 (07-Nov-2004) 1.0b4
               - blcr updated RPMS/SRPMS
               - blcr updated post_install
               - warehouse updated post_install
               - apitest updated RPMS/SRPMS
 (03-Nov-2004) 1.0b3
               - ssslib doc update (license.tex)
               - warehouse install_tests typo fix
               - warehouse post_clients script update
               - warehouse post_install script fix executable perms (stupid CVS)
               - warehouse post_install script fix for timing issues
               - gold update RPMS to fix profiled csh bug
               - gold leave gold running after install
               - maui-sss post_install script fix maui.cfg settings
               - maui-sss path fix for install & validation test (showq)

 (01-Nov-2004) 1.0b2
               - blcr new RPMS/SRPM
               - bamboo doc updates
               - maui post_install update
               - warehouse script updates
               - warehouse doc updates

 (28-Oct-2004) 1.0b1
               - blcr new RPMS/SRPMS 
               - bamboo doc updates
               - updated README.sss