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 9f563c012c227d114f2cde9fc96275204811207c  sss-oscar-0.2a13-v3.0.tar.gz
 65a639898ce0b7922ba7db39787dd5680e58ecfb  sss-oscar-0.2a12-v3.0.tar.gz
 8c2882894bc94f17652a018d277c88c402d8f0a1  sss-oscar-0.2a11-v3.0.tar.gz

 (19-Oct-2004) 0.2a19
               - warehouse doc update
               - warehouse update RPMS (fix init.d path)
               - lam new RPMS/SRPMS (with blcr support/fixes)
               - gold update RPMS (libxml2 support, includes

 (16-Oct-2004) 0.2a18
               - bamboo test updates
               - gold new RPMS/SRPM
               - gold script update (post_server_rpm_install)
               - maui script addition (post_install)
               - maui test updates
               - fixes to OSCAR Step8 to properly run APItests
   [0.2a18 Known Issues] 
               * Must manually install follow perl modules on headnode &
                 client image, note needs upgrade to libxml2 RPMS too.
                       1) rpm -Uvh libxml2,libxml2-devel,libxml2-python
                       2) XML::NamespaceSupport
                       3) XML::SAX  (prompts for a [Y])
                       4) XML::LibXML::Common
                       5) XML::LibXML
                  But with these additions, seems to startup and run 
                  properly with APItest reporting PASS!
                * Maui APItest causes errors
                * Warehouse's sys_node init script has a path typo should 
                  be "/opt/warehouse/bin/..." not "/opt/warehouse/monitor/..."
                * LAM/MPI rpms may need to be rebuilt to work with new BLCR, un-tested

 (15-Oct-2004) 0.2a17
               - gold new RPMS/SRPMS
               - gold APItest files
               - bamboo updated APItest filenames
               - apitest new RPMS/SRPMS
               - warehouse remaining APItest updates
               - blcr remaining APItest updates

 (08-Oct-2004) 0.2a16
               - blcr fixes 
               - blcr APItest files  (missing last few enhancements)
               - warehouse APItest files (missing last few enhacements)
               - maui APItest files
               - maui doc files 
               - bamboo minor doc changes

 (07-Oct-2004) 0.2a15
               - new warehouse RPMS
               - new blcr RPMS
               - reverted to older switcher temporarily (MANPATH problems)
               - new apitest pkg

 (06-Oct-2004) 0.2a14
               - add Gold back to tarball  (opps, forgot this in 0.2a13)

 (04-Oct-2004) 0.2a13
                - update switcher/modules pulled via '' from oscar-head
               - update bamboo w/ new RPMS & SRPMS [0.9.6-3 =>0.9.7p2-1]
               - update maui w/ new RPMS & SRPMS [3.2p0-1 => 3.2.6p10-1]
               - update blcr w/ new RPMS & SRPMS w/ SSS chkpt mgr interface [0.2.4-1 => 0.2pre5-1]
               - removed old blcr RPMS/SRPMS
               - update blcr init scripts & new test_root script

 (27-Sep-2004) 0.2a12
               - update bamboo w/ new testings/test_user & scripts/post_install
               - update warehouse_SysMon & warehouse_node RPMS [0.7.1-1 => 0.7.2-1]
               - update ssslib RPMS [0.98.5-1 => 0.99pre5-1]

               - no changes in CVS since 0.2a11 so not cutting new tarball this morning

 (13-Sep-2004) 0.2a11
               - minor update from 0.2a10, changed warehouse test_user script.
               - updated www copy of 'Readme.sss' 
               - removed old/other testing tarballs