In general humorous writting is harder than just being funny. For example, I must be funny. When I ask other people if I'm funny they always say, "Oh please, don't make me laugh!" Just stepping back from life a little bit and watching and listening to the world around us is all it takes. The following story is true, only the names and the facts have been changed.

Getting an Education by Al Geist

My two teenage uncles were sitting on the couch watching football. Being 6 I didn't know which teams. I suspect neither did they. They spent more time joking with each other and punching each other in the arm. What is so funny about punching? I wasn't about to ask for a demonstration - again. The first time, Billy and Bob sure got a laugh using me for the 'punch' line.

Some guy on TV got tackled running down the field. Billy said, "Why Grandpa can run faster than that guy." Bob replied, "It must have been all that exercise he got." Bob imitating Grandpa's voice, "Why when I was a lad, I had to walk 12 miles to school each day." Billy looked at Bob and raised one eyebrow. He replied in his 'grandpa voice', "12 miles you say? It is no wonder you is so unedicated. You didn't get to school till lunch period." They both laughed at their little joke, and proceeded to punch each other some more.

When things settled down Al toddled into the room. He had just learned to walk, which has the effect of freeing up two hands previously used to crawl. Al came in with two hands full of cereal. His mouth bulged like a chipmunk's. Al was at that brief moment in childhood when he was learning to share. He came right up to the edge of the couch. Bob, who mom has described as a walking appetite, says to Al, "What'cha got there fella?" And held out his hand. Al, working his little fingers with great concentration, placed one kernel in Bob's hand. Bob popped it right in his mouth. "Say these are pretty good." Billy held out his hand. "Can I have some?" With a big grin on his face, Al dumped both hands full into Billy's. Seeing this Bob said, "Can I have some more?" Al turned and ran off giggling.

In a couple minutes Al was back with two more hands full. Bob sweet talked Al into giving him both. Bill and Bob were munching away. Al seemed to have reloaded his mouth on the last trip. Through the crunching Billy said, "I wonder what brand this is?" "I don't know why don't you ask Al?" replied Bob. They both laughed hard, spitting crumbs all over mom's sofa. Al was not old enough to talk.

After watching the Uncles eat for a minute, Al ran to get another load. Billy and Bob decided to follow. Out of the den, into the kitchen, rounding the center island, Al giggled at this game of chase. There Billy and Bob saw it and stopped dead in their tracks. The cabinet door on the island was open and Al was getting two more hands full of dog food from a 20 pound bag.

Billy and Bob rushed off to the bath room to wash their mouths out. Al giggled again, and I pondered one of mama's sayings: "Be nice to other people because what you do will come back to you."