Image Annotation Applet

van der Hoeven's Zine Applet displays an image. As the user moves the mouse over different areas of the image, popup windows with text appear. With this feature, you can annotate and image or create a text-balloon effect like you might find in a comic strip.

SUN has an interesting comic strip bubbles applet.

Welcome boys 'n' girls...

Long ago in a kingdom by the sea
lived a boy and he was me......

In the late summer, just like now, my schmooze & I would lay in bed (belly to belly) all day and all night. We would never get up except possibly to eat. This went on for over a week. Then one fine afternoon we got up and loaded some of tri-X and shot each other in my moms back yard.

You may ask yourself "What was he thinking?". To find out move the mouse over the image.

Here is a little piece of a zine. As you move the mouse over the frames the text pops up. The same zine is published in several languages to show the idea of having one piece of art work with different languages or texts. This is just an embryonic hack to show the idea, it would be easy to add sounds, layered images, real comic style popups (need better graphics primitives.)

Drive man in the English:

Drive man in the Swedish:
Drive man in the French: New!

If you know how to translate to a different language please do so and e-mail me the stuff. Hope you like it,

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    Last updated August 17, 1995