Mattias's Homepage

Java source for the blinking neon light.

This page will be under construction forever

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the homepage of Gustav Mattias Flodin. It is located near the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden.

My main interest is programming on computers, and I have lots of'em. This is my current configuration:

Sadly, I don't have an Amiga. I simply don't have enough room... Some day I might get one.

I mostly program on the PC platform because that's where the money is. On the PC I use Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic. The P90 is a great programming tool because it's FAST! Nothing is as frustrating as having to program on a slow computer. There's one big advantage in using Microsoft products, and that's their knowledge base, where you can find the answers to an endless number of questions concerning their products.

Please, report any errors you see on this page to me. Suggestions are welcome too.