LED Sign V1.0


This applet was designed to be "user friendly". Everything you see the sign displaying is run entirely by a script. No changes to the source code is necessary to get the sign to display a new message or use the different transitions; it is all controlled with the script. In fact, if you want to use this applet all you need is the byte code for the applet.

More on the Script Feature.
Here is the Demo script that the sign above is running.


The LED applet also has a large amount of flexibility. The size, size of border, color of border, and even the font that the sign uses are all configurable. The size and border parameters can be easily set in the applet "command line" in the HTML. The font is specified by a data file that contains the shape for each letter. The font data file can have as many or few characters as needed. If a character is used in the message but is not in the font data file, then it will be substituted by a space.

More on fonts .
More on configurability .

CPU Load

LED Sign puts a low to moderate load on the CPU. However, it can easily take 100% of the CPU with the delays set too low. Some transitions are more CPU intensive than others. "Pixel" tends to be the biggest hog of the CPU, but it finishes quickly so the load time is short.

The source

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The LED Sign HotJava applet is written and Copyright 1995 by Darrick Brown