Cool Applets

This page contains links to a bunch of sophisticated applets that illustrate the potential uses of java on Web pages. Many of these applets are written in a general manner that allows them to accept your data or gifs as input.
If you are using a Java-enabled browser then you can click below to see a demo of the applet. Otherwise, you can use the applet viewer program in the JDK to view the applets individually.
Balistic Simulator
Bar Chart
Bar Graph
Blinking Text
Bouncing Heads
Crossword Puzzle
Dining Philosophers
Escher Paint
Graph Layout
LED Sign
Line Graph
Link Button
Molecule Viewer
Neon Sign
Nervous Text
Nuclear Power Plant
Pythagoras' Theorem
Scrolling Images
Under Construction
Voltage Circuit Simulator
What's New
Wire Frame Viewer

3-D Graph Applet - X-Y vs. Time.
Dynamic Billboard - transitions between an series of clickable images.
SunClock - displays area of the earth in sun and shadow.
Slide viewer - can have audio and embedded applets.
PDB viewer - elaborate molecule viewer.
Teaching Linear Programming - using Java Applets.
Ernest Friedman-Hill at Sandia has written jlpr which can produce a postscript file of any applet.
jess a Java clone of the CLIPS Expert System Shell.
Ask Joe - an intelligent customizable database query applet.
Plantation - simple java wysiwyg editor to layout Graphical interface for an Applet.
LightsOut - Java version of Tiger Toy's Game.
Peg Delux - classic peg game with very good graphics and interactivity.
Regio Data is an on-line Geographic Information System implemented as an applet.
Chat Touring - applet for convening group tours or just plain chatting on the Web.
PipeDream - Java version of the Arcade Game. Smooth graphics.

Received NEDSITE Best Of The Net Award --- May 7, 1997

Collaborative Java Codes

Java Multiuser Environment - Uses Mbone to allow all users of the applet to communicate.
Promondia Interactive Environment - includes classroom, chatrooms, multiplayer games and more. Very professional. (previously called COMO)
JAAS Collaborative Groupware - includes Realtime and the Java Graffiti Chalkboard.
NCSA's Habanero Project - trying to define a collaborative standard.
Syracuse Tango Project - a Java-based collaboratory system for the Web.
NIST JCE Project - Java Collaboration Environment.
Java Shared Data API - a JavaSoft research project to create A Shared Data Multi-point Delivery Service for Java
Whiteboard - nice demo available from MONET project at CERC wvu.
Text Editor and Multimedia address book - nice demos available from Anil Hemrajani.
VPRO's Java pages - contains whiteboards and clients and more.
Java Telnet Applet - hybrid Applet/Application version.
Netscape One - an open network environment that allows developers to create robust, dynamic, cross-platform, network-based applications quickly and with ease.

More applets...

Gamelan - a collection of over 1000 applets. Must see.
Java Applet Rating Service - see the best of the best applets.
The Java Repository - a well designed site with applets and applications for Java programmers and users. Take a look.
ACME Java Software - has applets, applications, and utility classes.
ET Applets - a small set of of very useful, well done, applets
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