Fnord Configuration

Configuring Fnord just requires the following step. Setup is very easy and fast but God only knows how people are supposed to know how. Hence this web page.

Open the Fnord Server Control window and click on the "Paths" tab.
Add these two lines to your paths.

Remote         Local                   Type        Dir          User
/           c:\[dir of www]           Normal       Yes         Anyone
/cgi-bin    c:\[dir of www]\cgi-bin     CGI        No          Anyone
[dir of www] can be any path on your machine and will be the root of the directory tree that Fnord will serve web pages from. For me I just created the root directory 'c:\www' for simplicity. So my Local = c:\www That's it for configuring Fnord.

Now to set up your own electronic notebook.

Place enote.pl in c:\www\cgi-bin
Place the whole enote directory under c:\www

Now edit the notebook configuration file -- enote.pl -- so that the locations specified in this file reflect your choice of [dir of www].

There is an index.html file in the enote directory. After the above steps, you should be ready to test it.

Start the Fnord server, fire up your browser and type in the URL (The 127... tells Fnord to look on your local machine - even if it is not hooked to a network)

You should see a notebook cover. If no image appears then the link in index.html just needs to be adjusted to point to where you have put enote/images.

Click on the cover and the notebook should open to page 1 which describes the features and operations of the notebook software.

Once I get this URL working I usually bookmark it so I don't have to type it again.