Electronic Notebook Demonstration to Vice President Gore
January 21, 1998
A Photo Essay
  1. Al Geist Shakes hands with Vice President Gore
  2. Hi my name is Al- that means we have one thing in common.
  3. Want to dance?- or shall we go look at the demonstration?
  4. Introduction to Electronic Notebooks
  5. This is my laptop. Keep your hands off!
  6. Remote experiments need electronic notebooks
  7. Spallation Neutron Source will involve researchers all around the world
  8. "Here is Volume 1 of SNS electronic notebook"
  9. The cover acts as access control barrier- requesting password
  10. We open the SNS notebook
  11. Show that last page contains data from Gore's remote instrument control
  12. Explain functions supplied by notebook- notarize, annotate, search...
  13. The Vice President studies the screen while Geist does shadow puppets
  14. "What if I press this button?"  Geist's life flashes before his eyes
  15. "Now you keep your hands to yourself."
  16. The Vice President finds the sketchpad pen. While Geist describes importance of being able to put quick sketches into an electronic notebook
  17. Gore tries out the sketchpad
  18. Al reaches for the pen before Gore has a chance to accidently kill the demo with the pen
  19. Al demonstrates how it is easy to erase errors in a sketch
  20. "What are you implying?" replied Gore to my comment about being able to fix his errors
  21. Gore signs his page in the notebook
    You can see this page in the SNS Electronic Notebook
  22. Upload signature into the SNS notebook
  23. Start print of copy of Gore's page for him to keep. The three Al's
  24. Explain the use of electronic notebooks in education and industry
  25. Page comes out on the printer. Gore asks if I had written all the software. I reply it is a DOE project
  26. Vice President asks if he can keep the copy. Al Trivilpiece describes how this remote technology is the wave of the future for science
  27. Trivilpiece directs Gore to his next meeting. Al smiles at a successful demo. Gore thanks all the demonstrators