1. Welcome (Who we are, what we are trying to do, and why)
    • ORRHES background information
      • History of Oak Ridge/exposures to workers and residents (Link to ORHASP)
      • How ORRHES was established
    • Mission statement and goals
    • Member profiles/resumes
    • Work Groups
    • Mission statements and work plans
    • Member list
  2. Definitions
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Calendar of Events (ORRHES meeting schedule and work group meetings)
  5. What have we done?
    1. Minutes of ORRHES meetings
    2. Minutes of work group meetings
    3. Press releases
    4. Links to related newspaper articles
    5. Projects in works
      • Public Needs Assessment
      • Description of 7-step Process and status
      • Telephone Survey
      • Focus Groups (Descriptions of proposed groups and provide a
      • mechanism that allows members of the public to volunteer)
    6. Other steps
    7. Map showing regions covered and rationale
    8. Other???
    9. Related information and sources of information
      • Link to reports and other information
        • Link to "Inconclusive by Design"
        • Link to ATSDR response to "Inconclusive by Design"
        • Link to Report to Congress on WorkersÆ Home Contamination Study
        • Link to Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
        • Link to Watts Bar Fish Advisory
        • Link to ORHASP report
        • Links to other CDC/ATSDR documents related to Oak Ridge, chemical hazards,
        • exposures, etc.
      • Link to related organizations
        • Link to Dept. of Energy Web Site
        • Link to Environmental Protection Agency Web Site
        • Link to Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee Web Site
        • Link to Tennessee Dept. of Health Web Site
        • Link to Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conversation Web Site
      • Discussion on how the public can obtain documents and other information
        • DOE Public Reading Room
        • Other agencies
        • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
      • ORRHES Sponsors
      • CDC/ATSDR information
      • Budget information and flow of money, including discussion on origination of funds from DOE
      • Feedback mechanism for members of the public
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