E L Frome: Comments On ORRHES Web Site

  1. Calendar of events should be up to data at all times, for example
    • Meeting of COWG 4-6 PM on May 3, 2001 at ATSDR Office Oak Ridge[link]
    • Agenda for meeting in HTML with links to relevant documents
    • Contact Marilyn Palmer at phone no 800- for call in number
  2. No PDF files unless no other way ( size indicated , etc)
  3. Avoid large graphic ( JPE GIF ) indicate size
  4. REMOVE any "Comments, questions, suggestions, etc.," boxes.
    Contact to appropriate individuals via e-mail.
  5. Follow Guidelines at A Shaker Approach to Web Site Design
  6. Every Page should identify content editor and last revised date
  7. Some type of Visit Count on pages to determine usage
  8. This is a vanity / informational web site for ORRHES
  9. Need user friendly access point for community members with concerns about health effects or other issues related to ORR
  10. Needs a search capability
  11. Consider using Electronic Notebook to allow access to improve communications for Committee and Work Groups Example: To Open Notebook go to Item 5 "Click Here" Usename=lpt Password= beryllium
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