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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:14:20 -0400
From: Alred Brooks 
Subject: WEbsite

I have looked at the website map and have the following comments:
  1. There should be a stipulation that these pages should convey information rapidly and not be a lot of slow moving glitter.
  2. 1) There are many more related links may of which are on my CAP Catalogue web pages.
  3. I would add quite a bit more on off-site data sources, summaries and abstracts that would provide a collection of background information. Some of the sources should be excerpted. Some references follow:
    1. The ORR Annual Site Environmental Report for 1998, DOE/ORO-2091 This is one of a series of reports dating back to 1985 or earlier (See 3.). Each report contains a bibliography of supporting environmental reports for that year. See
    2. Environmental Surveillance of the ORR and Environs During 1985; ORNL-6271. (Title of early ASER reports.) See Section 8 on off-site sampling for Mercury et al.
    3. OREIS - Oak Ridge Environmental Information System
    4. TDEC Environmental Monitoring Report for 1997 (Also issued in earlier years)
    5. TDEC Status Report to the Public - 1998 (Also issued in earlier years) Qualitative comments on the state of the ORR environment.
    6. ORR Background Soil Characterization Project - Final Report on the Background Soil Characterization Project at the ORR, DOE/OR/01-1175/V2, October 1993
    7. Lower East Fork Poplar Creek - Sewer Line Beltway Remedial Investigation Report; DOE/OR/02-1119 Vol II Sections 5-8 by SAIC; April 1993 and Addendum May 1994 See Section 5 Tables 5.1 - 5.5 page 5-10 for contaminant data
    8. Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study Reports for: Clinch River Lower Watts Bar Reservoir; March 1995; DOE/OR/01-1282&D4 Popular Creek/Clinch River Embayment There may be others (CSX Railroad, Atomic City Auto Parts, etc.)
    9. Scarboro Community Environmental Study 9/22/98; Contact: Bob Poe 576 0891
    10. Burson, Z.G. Aerial Radiological Surveys of ERDA's Oak Ridge Facilities and Vicinity, Report No. EGG-1183-1682. EG&G/EM, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1976.
    11. Boyns, R.I. An Aerial Radiological Survey of the Oak Ridge Reservation, Report No. EGG-10282-1001. EG&G/EM, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1984.
    12. Fritzsche, A.E. An Aerial Radiological Survey of the White Oak Creek Floodplain Oak Ridge Reservation, Report No. EGG-10282-1136. EG&G/EM, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1987.
    13. Maurer, R.J. An Aerial Radiological Survey of the Oak Ridge Reservation and Surrounding Area, Report No. EGG-10617-1123. EG&G/EM, Washington, D.C., 1989.
    14. Maurer, R.J. An Aerial Survey of the ORR - EGG-10617-1229 April 1993. There were also fly-overs in 1959, 1973, 1997.
    15. David Carden, Timothy Joseph, Aerial Radiological Surveys of the Scarboro Community May 1998
    16. Revis, W.N., etal, An Assessment of Health Risk Associated with Mercury in Soil and Sediment from East Fork Poplar Creek, Oak Ridge, Tennessee(Final report); Oak Ridge Research Institute, Oak Ridge, TN; April 1989
    17. Rowley, D.L., Turri, P., Paschal, D.C.; A Pilot Survey of Mercury Levels in Oak Ridge [Residents], TN; 9/85;Div. of Env. Hazard & Health Effects, CDC, Public Health Service, USDH&HS, Atlanta, GA 30333
    18. ATSDR; Exposure Investigation: Serum PCB and Blood Mercury Levels in Consumers of Fish and Turtles from Watts Bar Reservoir, CERCLIS NO. TN18900900003; US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Div. of Health Assessment and Consultation; Atlanta , GA (1-800-447-1544;
    19. Additional web links of interest to ORR stakeholders may found at:
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