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Welcome to the ORRHES Project Site. This is a resource and tracking site established solely for this project. Updates, major milestones, and other important information will be archived here. This site will expand and grow to meet needs that arise during this project, so check back often!

  1. Calendar of Events
  2. ORRHES background Information
    • History of Oak Ridge/exposures to workers and residents (Link to ORHASP)
    • How ORRHES was established [link]
    • Mission statement goals[link] Bylaws [link]
    • Member profiles/resumes [link]
  3. Definitions [link] Frequently Asked Questions [link]
  4. Minutes of ORRHES meetings Nov 2001 Example
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  5. Proposed Site Map For ORRHES and Comments
    1. Proposed by Susan Kaplan Click here
    2. Additional comments by Al Brooks Click here
    3. Web Site Proposed by ATSDR/ERG Here
    4. Additional comments by Ed Frome Here
    5. ORRHES Web Site Resolution HERE
    6. Home Page of the Unofficial ORRHES WebSite
  6. Introductory Statistics HyperStat Online
  7. Final Comments To ATSDR Concerning ORRHES
  8. Letter of Resignation to Ms. Dalton, ATSDR
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