Illness and Injury Surveillance 1995-2004 RTW Absences
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This folder contains the results of fitting the "main effects model" to each of the six DOE facilities that have contributed data to the IISP for ten years from 1995-2004. Estimates of age-adjusted rates for RTW 5 day absences are given for six health events: all , rsp ( respiratory), hrt ( heart), inj ( Injuries), and msc ( musculeoskeltal & connective tissue injuries). The explanatory variables considered in the analyis are age, gender, occupational group, and year. A graphical summary of the results is given for each analysis. A graphical summary of the number of workers at each facility for each year that data is available is provided HERE.

A detailed explanation of how to read the summary results is presented in "Statistical Analysis of Occupational Illness and Injury Surveillance Data" (DRAFT Report in progress)

NOTE1 A two cycle log scale is used on the vertical axis in the main effects plots. The scale is adjusted to cover the rates in each plot.

  1. Results For FMP all rsp hrt inj msc

  2. Results For HAN all rsp hrt inj msc

  3. Results For INL all rsp hrt inj msc

  4. Results For PTX all rsp hrt inj msc

  5. Results For SNL all rsp hrt inj msc

  6. Results For SRS all rsp hrt inj msc

Results For ALL Sites Combined
all rsp hrt inj msc

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