ORNL-6785 Oak Ridge Mortality Study
SMR Results
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  1. Overall death rates (see Fig. 1 ) were in close agreement with national death rates.

  2. The cancer death rate ( for all cancer causes as a group) was in close agreement with national death rates.

  3. The death rates for diseases of the digestive system (both malignant and non-malignant) and diseases of the circulatory system were substantially lower than the national rates.

  4. Among white males, substantial elevations in lung cancer deaths (18% increase), nonmalignant respiratory disease deaths (12% increase) and deaths caused by external sources such as automobile accidents, homicide, drowning, etc. (5% increase) were observed.

  5. Among white males, substantial decreases in deaths were observed in 13 other disease-specific categories for this group.

  6. Among non-white males, a significant elevation in deaths due to cancer of the large intestine (73% increase, based on 23 deaths) was observed.

  7. Among white and non-white females, no elevations were observed and many decreases were noted.

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