ORNL-6785 Oak Ridge Mortality Study
For Details See Facility Comparison Analyses.

  1. For white males, substantial differences in death rates were observed for the different facilities in the study (X-10, TEC, Y-12, and K-25 ).

  2. Higher death rates were observed among those who worked only at TEC or K-25 and among those who worked at more than one facility. These death rates were higher than death rates among workers who worked only at X-10 or Y-12. This overall difference was primarily due to noncancer causes of death.

  3. Analysis of selected cancer causes for white males showed large differences among the facilities for:
    • lung cancer (increase for all facilities except X-10).
    • leukemia (increase for X-10, and multiple facility workers; decrease for Y-12).
    • other lymphatic cancer (increase for Y-12; decrease for X-10).
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