ORNL-6785 Specific Cancer Categories
For Details See Dose-Response Analyses.

  1. - A positive association between lung cancer and external radiation dose that was dependent on two deaths in a high dose group. (see Fig. 2B , Table VII, and Discussion. )
    Information on cigarette smoking for this cohort is not available for analysis and residual confounding by cigarette smoking patterns cannot be ruled out. Such confounding could bias dose response estimates in either direction. There was no evidence for an association between diseases of the circulatory system or nonmalignant respiratory disease and external radiation.

  2. -There was no evidence for an association between leukemia deaths and external radiation. Leukemia death rates for X-10 workers were higher than U. S. rates and other similar Oak Ridge workers. ( see Table VII and Discussion. )

  3. -Prostate cancer rates were about two times higher for workers with external radiation doses greater than zero when compared to workers with zero dose. There was , however, no evidence for a smoothly increasing dose-response for prostate cancer ( see Fig. 2D , Table VII and Discussion. )
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