ORNL-6785 Oak Ridge Mortality Study
For Details See Dose-Response Analyses.

A smaller group of 28,347 white males employed at X-10 or Y-12 who were at risk for exposure to external penetrating radiation was examined to determine if there was a relationship between rates of death from selected causes and level of radiation dose.

Observations were:

  1. A 20% decrease of deaths overall, compared with national death rates. (see Table VIII)

  2. A 13% decrease of deaths from cancer compared with national death rates. (see Table VIII)

  3. A significant association between external radiation dose and death from cancer (all cancers taken together).
    SEE Table VI and Fig. 2A and Discussion

  4. Among the specific cancer categories analyzed:

  5. Additional analyses were performed using radiation doses that were adjusted to account for dose estimates that may have been too low for workers during the early years of operation of the facilities.See Effect of ''Missing Dose" on Analyses and Mitchell et al.). These analyses showed a decreased magnitude of the dose-response coefficient.( see Tab. IX ,Tab. X )
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