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Generating The Analytic Data Structure (ADS)

The three exposure analysis files at the top of Figure A1 contain the external dose estimate, and the internal exposure index for each year that a person worked at X-10, Y-12, or K-25. In addition to the usual time related variables encountered in occupational cohort studies (i.e. birth cohort, age at risk) there were three time dependent covariates:

  1. cumulative external dose in year t
  2. sequential internal exposure category in year t
  3. facility in year t (as described at the beginning of the Appendix)
The entry and exit dates for the time dependent cells also include a lag of two, ten, or twenty years. The person-epoch [3] approach with grouping on the time dependent covariates is used to generate the ADS shown at the bottom of Figure A1 . The factors in Table AIII are used to illustrate the procedure that was followed to generate the ADS for our dose-response analysis.