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FCP Step 1- Create Working File

The first step in the data reduction process was to create a working file that contained all of the variables that are needed as input to the Mortality Analysis System (MAS) software [9]. This intermediate working file contains data for individuals who were followed for at least one year and whose data were free of critical errors. Length of employment was defined as a two level factor, and person-time accrual began at the date that a person had been followed for one year. At that time, people were categorized as employed less than or equal to one year or greater than one year. Consequently, the only time dependent variable is facility. MAS was not designed to handle time dependent variables so two records were created in the working file for individuals that were employed at more than one facility. The first record contained entry and exit dates for the first facility of employment and the second record contained entry and exit dates for the multiple facility category. The variables included on each record were race, gender, facility, pay code, length of employment, vital status, birth date, and data needed o determine entry and exit dates, all of which are required by MAS to calculate person time.