ORNL-6785 Entire Report , Appendix, and Tables in Format for Printing

Each part of the Report Listed Below is available as a Postscript file
AND as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file.

If you cannot view the pdf files
get the Adobe Acrobat Reader

VIEW LIST of Tables in ORNL-6785
VIEW LIST of Figures in ORNL-6785

There are five big tables---Tables I, III-V (see Item 2 below) and AIV (see Item 4 below) that are NOT readable through a browser--- printed version is needed.

All of the Adobe Acrobat documents in this REVISED for PDF version should be readable. Page number will NOT match original report, but content is the same.

  1. Report ( without Tables or Appendix) Postscript (341K) OR Adobe Acrobat (233K)
  2. Tables I-XI Postscript (112K) OR Adobe Acrobat (64K)
  3. Appendix Postscript (186K) OR Adobe Acrobat (136K)
  4. Appendix Table AIV Postscript (64K) OR Adobe Acrobat (6K)

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