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For a good nontechnical discussion of statistical concepts and ideas see

News & Numbers- A guide To Reporting Statistical Claims...
by Victor Cohn (1989), Iowa State University Press, Ames

The textbooks by Checkoway et al[26] , Clayton and Hills [13] ,and Breslow and Day [12] provide excellent backgound information on biostatistics and epidemiology.

Selected Resources with a Diversity of views on health effects of radiation:

  1. History of Radiation ProtectionOR Radiology History
  2. National Council on Radiation Protection(NCRP) and Measurements
  3. Radiation Protection Resources on The Internet
  4. Radiation Effects Research Foundation
  5. The official web site of the Radiation Research Society
  6. U of Chicago Frequently Asked Question About Radiation Exposure
  7. Health Physics HomePage .
    See Fact Sheet and Ask The Expert at Public and Media Information
  8. The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation
    From rat haus reality, ratical branch
  9. Additinal General References From CEDR Reference Desk
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