Forward to Injury and Illness Surveillance Program

The Department of Energy (DOE) is committed to assuring the health of its workers through the development of injury and illness surveillance activities. A pilot surveillance program has been implemented at selected DOE sites during the past several years. This approach has been expanded to include surveillance of all medical conditions that result in an absence of five or more consecutive workdays.

Caution is required when comparing this information with that of other DOE facilities. Interpretation of these data must take into account the occupational medical program, health and safety practices, the composition of the work force, and potential occupational exposures unique to each facility. Continuing surveillance and data examination may suggest emerging trends that change the preliminary interpretation of the data.

Plans for future annual reports include a discussion of important new findings and changes since previous reports; and the incorporation of information from the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Cancer Institutes's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program. This information will allow early recognition and investigation of possible work related problems, as well as an analysis of trends over time. In addition, the results of epidemiologic surveillance will be combined with those of medical and exposure surveillance to form an integrated approach to worker health protection.

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