Data Collection Methods for
Injury and Illness Surveillance Program

Data Collection for the Injury and Illness Surveillance Program (IISP) is coordinated by The Center for Epidemiologic Research (CER) at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education ( ORISE)

The Injury and Illness Surveillance Data Center at CER utilizes the expertise and techniques developed to carry out the Oak Ridge Health and Mortality Studies ( see e.g Watkins et al , Frome et al). These methods are applied to health surveillance of the DOE contractor employees at participating sites. Each participating site provides:

  • a worker roster,
  • diagnostic information for workers absent five or more days,
  • diagnostic information for workers who had illnesses or injuries reportable on the OSHA 200 Log,
  • disability data for active workers,and
  • cause of death information for workers who died while actively employed.

The surveillance data received from the sites is placed in a relational database with data for a given year linked to each worker by a unique pseudo-identifier. The data are edited for completeness and internal consistency. CER staff interact with data coordinators at each site to resolve any errors identified during the edit process and act as the point of contact for site data coordinators to direct technical questions/issues.

The diagnostic data are nosologically coded according to the (ICD-9-CM). These data are analyzed to produce the annual ES report for each participating site. This report contains three major sections which describe the demographic characteristics of the work force, the five-day absences and the OSHA events reported by the site. An electronic copy of all nosologicallly coded data is returned to the site. A meeting of the data coordinators is held every 12-18 months to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the discussion of concerns/issues of the data coordinators, and DOE Headquarters' staff and CER staff. This meeting is set up and coordinated by CER staff.

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