Description of DOE's Injury and Illness Surveillance Program

[logo] DOE's Injury and Illness Surveillance Program (IISP) tracks the illnesses and injuries of more than 65,000 DOE workers to identify hazardous workplace conditions. Most information in the IIS Reports is obtained from return-to-work clearance forms required under DOE Order 5480.8A, Contractor Occupational Medicine Program, and data routinely collected under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Privacy is protected by assigning each person a coded identification number.

Epidemiologists from the Office of Health evaluate data from the central Injury and Illness Surveillance Data Center. The goal is to identify groups of workers that may be at increased risk for occupation-related injury and illness. In response to indications of excess risk, program staff can assess the need for additional investigations. A Quick Response Team investigates further if the data indicate workforce health problems.


Annual Surveillance Reports are available
from DOE's Office of Health Studies in PDF Format.

An Abridged Version of the Rocky Flats Annual Report for 1993
is presented here to illustate biostatistical methods and
the use of HTML format for the presentation of results.

The Injury and Illness Surveillance Program is part of DOE's
Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Technical Information Services (TIS)

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