Tritiated Thymidene BeLPT Notebook

Notes Concerning the Tritiated Thymidene
Beryllium Lymphocyte Proliferation Test

EDITORS: E L Frome and D L Cragle

  1. Electronic notebook cited in Identification of an Abnormal Beryllium Lymphocyte Proliferation TestCLICK HERE
    Frome,E.L. Newman, L.S., Cragle, D.L, Colyer, S.P. and P.F. Wambach (2003), Toxicology,183:39-56.
  2. This notebook provides information on the development of the DOE Specification for Beryllium Lymphocyte Proliferation Testing (DOE Project Number: SDMP-0029) as described in letter of August 3, 2000 form Dr. Seligman to Dr. Miller ( see page 10 of the notebook). The first seven pages provide background information and were written prior to the First Draft that was released for review on September 18, 2000.
  3. The First Version was prepared by the DOE Beryllium Lymphocyte Proliferation Testing Writing Group. This document was developed from a draft protocol Testing for Sensitivity to Beryllium and Investigating Chronic Beryllium Disease that was distributed in June 2000 by Dr. Frederick Miller, Chairman of the Committee to Accredit Beryllium Sensitivity Testing (CABST) Committee.
  4. The first draft Version of The DOE Specification is on page 12 of the notebook.
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