Spectral Analysis of Biological System

In the late 1960s the development of high speed digital computers and analog to digital converters opened a new era in signal processing, since it was then possible to sample biologic time series at the rate of thousands of points per second. This new technology required new methods of statistical analysis. A physiologically based mechanical model of the respiratory system was developed and used to motivate the definition of the power spectrum for pulmonary time series data (Frome,Frederickson, and Lushbaugh,1976). New statistical methods based on numeric spectrum analysis were developed and applied to the analysis of pulmonary impedance data that is used to monitor the respiratory function of remotely located persons---see Lushbaugh, Frome et al(1969), Frome(1974).

A second area of application digital spectrum analysis was to the first and second heart sounds during open heart surgery---Frome and Frederickson(1974).

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