Overview DOLIB and DONIO Software Tools

The research in Software Tools at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been targeted towards supporting DOE Grand Challenge Applications. One of the Software Tool efforts has focused on producing DOLIB (Distributed Object Library) a library for emulating shared memory on distributed memory environments such as the Intel Paragon and PVM cluster of workstations. The global shared memory provided in DOLIB is used as a huge disk cache in DONIO (Distributed Object Network I/O Library) to provide an order of magnitude faster non-sequential direct access disk I/O on the Intel Paragon. DONIO is extensively used in PICS ground-water applications, seismic data analysis and computational chemistry. One-page descriptions of DOLIB and DONIO are available. DOLIB technical report and DONIO technical report are also available.

DOLIB shared memory has been used to simplify parallelization of CHAMMP Semi-Lagrangian Transport (SLT) of moisture. The resulting shared memory code is competitive with another version parallelized with explicit message passing. DOLIB is used in ground-water contaminant transport codes that uses particle tracking for modeling pump-and-tread () re-mediation strategies with varying soil heterogeneity.

A memory efficient molecular dynamics code based on SOTON_PAR has been written using DOLIB shared memory. The resulting code provides automatic dynamic load balancing and is faster than the original code that uses message passing. A 1000 million atoms simulation is possible on the new 1024-node Intel MP Paragon system.


Future Plans

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