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From 2008-2011, I was the Director of  Quantitative Analysis & Trading at NextEra Energy Power Trading LLC.

From 2007, I was awarded the John von Neumann Fellowship by Sandia National Laboratories, where I worked as a Staff Scientist in until 2008.


From 2003-2007, I was a Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematics at The Florida State University under the supervision of Prof. Max Gunzburger.


My research interests include approximation theory, numerical and functional analysis, as well as high-performance algorithms, with particular focus large-scale applications.  A listing of my publications and most recent ORNL reports can be found here.  A listing of my funding support can be found here.

I am currently a Senior Scientist and Department Head in Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  I am also a Joint Faculty Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee.


In 2014, I became a Frontiers of Science Fellow, awarded by the National Academy of Sciences.

Please feel free to look through my website and send me an email with any questions or inquiries you may have:





For prospective graduate students and postdoctoral fellows


If you are interesting in joining my group as a Master or Doctoral student, please contact me and we can discuss your research interests and see if there is some overlap with mine.


As a prospective Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee, you will have to apply

directly to the Department of Mathematics and Graduate School for admission.  You can list Dr. Webster as a faculty member you are interested in working with and I will review your file.  If admitted into my group you will be offered a full Research Fellowship with the opportunity to teach before you graduate.


If you are interested in a summer internship at ORNL, then please contact my Assistant, Ms. Nancy Valentine, who will direct you to the appropriate ORNL internship program.  Please note that you DO NOT have to be a US citizen to work as an intern at ORNL.


Prospective postdoctoral fellows should consult Open Positions to look for openings, but you are always welcome to contact me to discuss research and collaboration opportunities.

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Latest news


July, 2015:

Drs. Clayton Webster and Guannan Zhang, together with Profs. Wolfgang Dahmen (RWTH Aachen), Ron DeVore (TAMU), Qiang Du, Max Gunzbugrer (FSU), and Nicholas Zabaras (Warwick) awarded $3.5M by the DOD (DARPA) for the project FORMULATE.


June, 2015:

Profs. Qiang Du, Steve Hou, Pavel Bochev, and Clayton Webster named Guest Editors for the Special Issue

of Computer & Mathematics with Applications, honoring the 70th birthday of Prof. Max Gunzburger.



May, 2015:

Congratulations to Prof. Max Gunzburger, who  was awarded the prestigious Lawton Distinguish Professor.


April, 2015:

Co-organizers Profs. Qiang Du, Steve Hou, Pavel Bochev, and Clayton Webster announced that the Workshop on  Advances in  Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics (ASCAM15) will be held at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, October 9-12.


March, 2015:

Profs. Peter Binev Wolfgang Dahmen, Ron DeVore, and Max Gunzburger visited  Dr. Webster March 8-12.


January, 2015:

Dr. Duncan and Dr. Webster welcome their beautiful angel, Quinn Elise Webster on January 25th, 2015!!!


December, 2014:

Dr. Webster was elected as Program Director of the SIAM    Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification.


November, 2014:

Magazine article "Computational tool lowers cost, improves exploration accuracy," describes our latest work.


November, 2014:

Profs. Jim Berger, Fabio Nobile and Clayton Webster were named Co-Chairs of the SIAM UQ16 Conference.



October, 2014:

Drs. Archibald (PI) and Webster (co-PI) were awarded $2M by the DOE (ASCR) for the project entitled ACUMEN.

Upcoming talks & travel


May, 2015: IAS, Munich Germany

Dr. Webster will present an invited talk in the symposium on "Big Data and Predictive Computational Modeling,"

at the Institute for Advanced Study, Technical University of  Munich.


June, 2015Paris VI, Paris, France

Dr. Webster will visit Profs. Albert Cohen and Ron DeVore and give an invited talk in the Department of Mathematics, Université Pierre et Marie Curie.


July, 2015USNCCM13, San Diego

Dr. Webster will present an invited talk at the USACM's 13th U.S. National Congress for Computational Mechanics.


August, 2015ICIAM 2015, Beijing, China

Dr. Webster will attend part of the ICIAM 2015 meeting and and present an invited talk.


August, 2015:  AFOSR Math Review, Washington, DC

Dr. Webster will present an invited talk at the AFOSR Computational Math Annual PI Meeting.


August, 2015:  Jeju Island, South Korea

Dr. Webster will present an invited talk at the workshop on "Computational Mathematics and Scientific Computing," in honor of Prof. Gunzburger's 70th birthday.


September, 2015: The 6th HDA, Bonn, Germany

Dr. Webster will present an invited talk at the 6th workshop on "High-Dimensional Approximation," at

the University of Bonn.


September, 2015ASCAM15, Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Webster is a co-organizer of the ASCAM15 workskop and will present an invited talk.


December 2015BIRS Workshop, Banff, Canada

Dr. Webster will attend and speak at Banff International Research Station workshop entitled "Approximation of high-dimensional numerical problems."


April, 2016SIAM UQ16, Lusanne, Switzerland

Dr. Webster is Co-Chairing the SIAM Conference of UQ and will present several invited talks.


May, 2016VIU, San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy

Dr. Webster is giving an invited talk at the "Challenges in high dimensional analysis and computation."




Contact information

Computational & Applied Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics

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phone: 865-574-3649

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fax: 865-241-5552


Administrative Assistant

Ms. Nancy Valentine


Clayton G. Webster, 2015