OpenSHMEM 2015

AGENDA - Specification Discussion

Thursday August 6th - Specification Discussion

7:00 AM: Breakfast (Provided)

8:00 AM: OpenSHMEM 1.3 - Overview
Steve Poole

8:30 AM: OpenSHMEM 1.3 Specification Discussion

OpenSHMEM 2015 This session will introduce and discuss features that are ready for OpenSHMEM 1.3, and take input from the wider community on the features and priorities for the OpenSHMEM specication that will follow 1.3. The OpenSHMEM 1.3 topics include non-blocking remote memory access (RMA) operations, Alltoall collective interface, Group communication (Teams), ne-grained completions, ordering for relaxed memory architectures, and C11 Generic selection based RMA and Atomic operation interfaces. We encourage participation from all attendees, irrespective of you regularly participating in the specication discussion or not.