Workshop on CS/Math Institutes and High Risk / High Payoff Technologies for Applications

The workshop will start at 9:00 CDT on October 7 and end at noon on October 9. It will run in two parallel tracks.

The High Risk technologies track will have presentations by several application developers describing the potential high risk/high payoff areas in their application domain. These will be followed by discussion by the attendees on how the math and CS communities could help make this high payoff a reality. For example, it is high risk to rewrite an application in one of the new HPCS languages but the payoff could be high down the road. Other ideas could include radical algorithms, or new solution approaches. The outcome of this track will be a list of potential high risk endeavors and a few illustrative examples.

The concept of joint math and computer science institutes in a new one. The Institutes track will help refine the community's thoughts on how to create, develop, and manage joint CS/Math Institutes. There will be four presentations in this track with most of the time spent in discussion and refinement of the Institute concept. Each Institute would involve both CS and math researchers working under some unifying theme with a mix of Lab and university participants. A couple examples of themes are math libraries, and programming models focused on the challenges of petascale computing. Other themes are expected to emerge from the workshop.

A workshop report detailing all the information and ideas that come out of the workshop will be posted on this website.



Oak Ridge National Laboratory