• Ruben Abagyan - Keynote talk - "Challenges in chemogenomics and structure based drug discovery"
  • Rommie Amaro - "Tackling Receptor Flexibility in Computer-Aided Drug Design"
  • Phil Andrews - "Supercomputing at the University of Tennessee, and some earlier medical applications"
  • Barry Bruce - "What Makes TOC-TICK? Insights into Mechanism of Protein Translocation into Chloroplasts"
  • Nikolay Dokholyan - "Multiscale Modeling and Design of Biological Molecules"
  • Robert Eisenberg - Keynote talk - "Ions in Water and Proteins: the Liquid of Life"
  • Maxim Frank-Kamenetskii - Keynote talk - "Targeting duplex DNA: strategies and applications"
  • Sergey Gavrilets - "Dynamics of large-scale evolutionary diversification: contrasting theory and data"
  • Jaewook Joo - "Predictive Modeling of Information Processing on Cell Signaling Networks"
  • Zaida (Zan) Luthey-Schulten - Keynote talk - "Simulations and Visualization of Dynamics in RNA:Protein Complexes"
  • Lucy Malinina - Keynote talk - "Protein-based Structural Biomedicine"
  • Andrew McCulloch - Keynote talk - "Multi-Scale Modeling and Systems Biology of the Heart"
  • Dean Myles - "Neutrons, Protons and Proteins:  Hydrogen Atoms in Biological Function"
  • Cynthia Peterson, BCMB, UT - "Metals modulate interactions and activities among regulators of extracellular proteolysis"
  • Nagiza Samatova - "Computational Approaches to Comparative Analysis of Large-Scale Biological Networks"
  • Ashley Spies - "Exploiting Enzyme Plasticity in Drug Discovery"
  • Emad Tajkhorshid - "Visualizing the Art of Active Transport Across Cellular Membranes at Sub-Angstrom Resolution"
  • Edward Trifonov - "30 years of nucleosome positioning agony, and finale"

Oak Ridge National Laboratory