Agenda - Breakout Sessions

Topic 1
Quantum Software Architecture: Mapping Quantum Algorithms to Devices
Andrew Landahl – Sandia National Laboratories

Quantum error correction and fault tolerance
Todd Brun - USC
Dissipation-assisted quantum information processing
Todd Brun (on behalf of Paolo Zanardi) - USC
Anyon computation and Kitaev models
Hari Krovi - Raytheon BBN 
How do we best utilize alternative computational models?
Alexey Gorshkov - JQI
Moving targets: Quantum circuit synthesis for fault-tolerant gate sets
Martin Roetteler - MSR
Quantum programming languages for specification and analysis
Fred Chong - UCSB
Solving practical problems with quantum computing hardware
K. John Wu - LBNL
Seeking quantum speedup through spin glasses: Learning from statistical physics
Helmut Katzgraber - TX A&M
Classical simulations of large-scale quantum computers
Itay Hen - USC/ISI
What problems can small quantum computers solve (when augmented with large classical computers)?
John Smolin (on behalf of Graeme Smith) - IBM
How can scientific skepticism help us make good choices about quantum computing investment?
John Smolin - IBM

Topic 2
Quantum Algorithms for Applied Mathematics
Travis Humble – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

From quantum simulation to quantum algorithms for linear algebra
Andrew Childs - University of Maryland
High-Precision Quantum Algorithms
Rolando Somma - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Quantum Algorithms for Optimization and Simulation
Stephen Jordan - National Institute of Standards and Technology 
Near-Future Quantum Advantages Beyond Speedup
Itay Hen - University of Southern California
Quantum Annealing Programming Techniques For Discrete Optimization Problems
Davide Venturelli - NASA Ames Research Center
Quantum Annealing as an Alternative Heuristic for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Federico Spedalieri - University of Southern California

Topic 3
Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Simulation and Science Applications
Rick Muller – Sandia National Laboratories

Configurable Quantum Networks for Advanced Computation
Irfan Siddiqi - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Robust Quantum Simulation for Near-term Realizable Quantum Hardware
Robert Muller - Sandia National Laboratories
Potential Quantum Computing Enhancement of Machine Learning in Predictive Fusion Energy Applications
William Tang - Princeton University
Information, Entanglement & The Dark Universe
Maria Spiropulu - Caltech
Quantum Chemistry and Materials Algorithms
David Wecker - MicroSoft Research
Quantum Deep Learning
Nathan Wiebe - MicroSoft Research

Oak Ridge National Laboratory