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Information for authors

The Proceedings of SciDAC 2005 will be published as a hardback volume by IOPP as part of their Journal of Physics: Conference Series shortly after the conference. Formal papers are expected from plenary speakers, invited speakers, and poster presenters. Information from the panels will NOT be included in the proceedings. Completed papers are due AT THE CONFERENCE and should be provided to the conference staff at registration on a CD with all associated files, along with a signed copyright form, and a hard-copy printout of the complete paper.

Papers for the SciDAC 2005 proceedings should be prepared using Microsoft Word or LaTeX2e according to the guidelines provided below. Conference staff will collect ALL the content for the proceedings and provide the complete package to IOPP.

Now that the conference is over, send materials for proceedings to
Betsy Riley
Phone: 865-574-5452
Fax: 865-574-6076
P.O.Box 2008 MS 6164
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6164

What you need to supply

Please bring the following with you to the conference (and give to staff at registration):

  • A signed Assignment of Copyright Form -- please place in envelope with hard-copy printout
    The IOPP Assignment of Copyright form is available as a PDF file to print out, sign and return.
  • The file(s) for the TEXT of your paper-- please bring these on a cd
    prepared as described below using Microsoft Word or LaTeX2e (using the jpconf.cls class file).
  • The file(s) for any illustration or graphics -- please put these on a cd (may be same cd as paper)
    saved in any of the following formats:
    • for papers prepared with Microsoft Word: EPS, WMF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP.
    • for papers prepared with LaTeX2e: EPS only
    Please do not send original application files -- such as Origin, CorelDraw, etc but export into a suitable graphics format. Please provide a B&W and/or grayscale version of all color graphics. (Due to production costs, we may not be able to include all color graphics.) If you include graphics from other sources, you MUST include a copyright release for those graphics to be included in the proceedings. To verify that proper releases are done, we have a Graphics release statment for authors to fill out and sign.
  • A PDF (or PostScript) file of the COMPLETE article, including all the graphics -- please put these on a cd (may be same cd as paper text files).
    PDF is preferred but PostScript is also acceptable. Note that GhostScript can be used to make PDF from PostScript files.
  • A hard-copy printout of your complete paper -- please have this in a full-size envelope
    with all the figures and tables included. (This is so we can see what it is supposed to look like in case there are any problems with the files.)

Preparing your paper (summary)

  • Use either European A4 or US Letter sized paper with margins setup according to the Word or LaTeX2e guidelines.
  • Do not add any headers or footers to your article as these will be added automatically during the production process.
  • Do not number the pages because they will be numbered during the production process.
  • Whether you use Word or LaTeX2e please make sure you embed all graphics in the text file of your paper. Details of how to do this are included in the Word and LaTeX2e guidelines.

Length Guidelines

The organisers have established page limits for the different types of papers being prepared. Please prepare your paper to fit within these guidelines.

  • Plenary talks: 15 pages
  • Invited talks: 10 pages
  • Posters: 5 pages

LaTeX2e guidelines and class file

LaTeX2e guidelines together with a class file are available to help authors prepare articles for Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Documentation is provided to illustrate how to use the class file. The files are available in zipped format for use on a PC, Unix tar gzipped format and as a Stuffit file for use on a Mac.

Word guidelines and templates

Guidelines and templates are provided for authors using Word to prepare their paper. The guidelines and templates may be downloaded as a complete package or as individual files:

Technical enquiries

Technical enquiries concerning preparing papers for Journal of Physics: Conference Series should be directed to:

Graham Douglas
Institute of Physics Publishing
Dirac House
Temple Back

For this issue, we are working with Lali Chatterjee, Principal Physicist/Editor of IOPP.

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