Lattice QCD and Fundamental Parameters of the Standard Model

Matthew Wingate (for the HPQCD Collaboration)

Our present theory for the elemental particles in nature, the Standard Model, consists of 6 leptons and 6 quarks, plus the 4 bosons which mediate the electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces. The theory has several free parameters which must be constrained by experiment before it is entirely predictive. In Nature quarks never appear alone; only bound states of strongly coupled valence quarks (and/or anti-quarks) are detected. Consequently, the parameters governing quark flavor mixing are difficult to constrain by experiment, which measures properties of the bound states. Numerical simulations are needed to connect the theory of how quarks and gluons interact, quantum chromodynamics (formulated on a spacetime lattice), to the physically observed properties. Recent theory innovations and computer developments have allowed us finally to do lattice QCD simulations with realistic parameters. This poster describes the exciting progress using lattice QCD simulations to determine fundamental parameters of the Standard Model.