Geometry and Mesh Components for Parallel Applications

Tim Tautges, SNL

The TSTT SciDAC center is developing specifications for mesh and geometry components, along with advanced services based on these interfaces. These tools provide a means for advanced computational science applications to gain access to the latest technology in mesh generation, geometric modeling, and related fields, while also providing a path for keeping current with advances in these areas. To demonstrate the utility of these components, TSTT is collaborating with the SciDAC AST and TOPS centers to develop a CAD-based shape optimization approach for particle accelerator applications. In this effort, the geometric model is controlled by a parametric generation procedure. TSTT mesh projection and smoothing services are used to compute mesh sensitivity with respect to geometric design parameters, which in turn are used to optimize the design for specific electro-magnetic performance metrics. In this poster, the TSTT interfaces will be described, along with various services like mesh smoothing and adaptation developed using these interfaces. Various issues arising during the development and application of these tools will also be discussed in the context of the shape optimization application.